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Reading CVs all day, and even tidy web profiles could be a realy boring and exhausting job this is something all recruiters agree on. So our animated CVs make things easier for them and attract their attention.
The more you are experienced, the bigger is your CV, and absurdly the less chances people will read it, so in 1-2 minutes we can say who you are. You can post thousands of CVs to diferent websites and they will still never achieve the same width of distribution we can.

Of course VideoCv is can be a business video for small/medium businesses and even large corporation.
What do we need from you in order to build you a Video CV:
  • In few short sentences: How do you like to be presented, or what job whould you preffer to find (and then we will decide how we will present you).
  • what are the highlight of your career or  a link to your CV or the CV itself so we can decide what are the highlights.
  • Pictures of you though only one will be placed inside (unless you happened to meet the president of the United states and have a picture with him.
  • Your contact details.
Our presentations are animated, fun with light catchy music, humorous and attractive. We create them, distribute them to most video websites for you, and also have it in our own directory.

The service cost is 100 Euro (155 US$)